December 7, 2008

Simple Votive Drawing Box..

Had to share this from the December Newsletter
From a Distributor here in Idaho!!!

Simple Votive Drawing Box!
1. Open a votive box and pull out the crate for the candles.
2. Turn it over, (the crate will now be the bottom of the box.) Cut a piece of paper or cardboard the size fo the crate and glue it on the inside of the box to cover the hole on the crate.)
3. Tape the flap of the box to the crate to complete the front of the box.
4. Tape the sides where there is still a small opening.
5. Cut a slit in the top of the box above the Print for the entry forms.
6. Add your "free drawing" and "enter here" signs to the box along with your business card.
7. Tie a pen on a string or ribbon and tap to the box where you want it.

This is a great way to use up your votive boxes. I gave a free votive to one winner every week! This way the drawing box displays the candle I am giving away!

It's working well for me and I thought it might for others as well!

~~~Stephanie Johnson~~~

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