December 7, 2008

Action, Belief and Success!

Action means doing something to move your business forward each day.
These can be small, meaning not a long list or super time intensive...
Here is a example of some action steps to take daily......

Pass out your business card to two people each day!
Make 2 new friends on Myspace, or another social networking site.
Call Two Leads who have responded to an ad for home business.
Drop off a candle to demo to 2 of your closest friends and ask for business referrals.

Belief is the next one. How do you know that the sun will come up tomorrow,
that the seasons will change? We have no real proof except that it has happened before, so it should happen again, right? This is belief and it plays an important part of your success.

How to you make yourself believe that you will be successful, especially if things have been rocky? Who do you know who has already had the kind of success you are seeking? What is it about this person or these people that makes it work for them? What steps do they take each day? Are these steps that you could also take?

If you know that other have been successful in the same company, then you must believe that if you follow in their footsteps you will be, too. Belief is powerful and a necessary part of your business..

How well will any business do if it is only open an hour or two a month? What if those two hours consist of reading email; checking into the back office to see how many hits the website has received; and wondering why no business is coming in?

The key piece of Consistency is taking Action, based on Belief. No one has ever failed who has pursed this avenue of business success. So as other businesses and competitors close their doors, do you see this as a trend you should follow, or opportunity to increase your market share?

~~Jackie Ulmer~~~

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