September 10, 2009

The Basics will make YOU rich!!

If people would simply concentrate on taking the time to work with just a few people and help them, like I am, then do the same with 3 to 5 more people who also will work with and understand the concept of sponsoring just enough to cover their own fees, we would have more than enough levels of successful "Team" members and easily make 6 figures plus per year.

Like with CTT, we sponsor 3 who sponsor 3, etc., etc., we would be covering the cost of our CTT and making over $7,000 per month as those below us sponsor only enough to cover their own monthly fees. That's over $85,000 per year, just from a $6 program...IF everyone ONLY gets the basic CTT service. As they earn more, they can upgrade to the premium services and earn even more... with the same number of personal front line members.

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