April 8, 2009

10 Intriguing Ways to Propel Your Online Sales

10 Intriguing Ways To Propel Your Online Sales

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10 Intriguing Ways To Propel Your Online Sales
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1. Add extra subjects to your web site. Most free
ad sites only allow you to submit your web site to
one category. This will allow you to submit it to many.

2. Increase the perceived value of your product by
making your offer scarce. You could use limited
time bonuses, low prices, low quantities, etc.

3. Find out your competitions' weakness and use it
as your "Unique Selling Proposition" . It's the reason
why people buy your products and not theirs.

4. Sell your products or services to a specific niche
market. For example, instead of selling your fishing
book to all fisherman, target it toward fly fisherman.

5. Test your advertising and marketing. You'll save
time, money and big headaches promoting the right
offer to the right group of people.

6. Persuade visitors to buy your product by telling
them the future. Tell them what will happen with their
life in the future if they buy or don't buy.

7. Offer a free trial of your product for a set period
of time. Don't charge or bill them until they decided
to buy it. This will take away any risk they have.

8. Create other web sites that draw your initial target
audience. Then you can lead your prospects to your
main web site by linking to your other web sites.

9. Inform people about your site or freebie through
e-mail announce lists. You can find them by typing
"e-mail announce lists" in any search engine.

10. Tell your visitors what they can avoid by buying
your product or service will motivate them to buy.
They may want to avoid pain, fear, danger, etc.

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