March 18, 2009

I know things are tough, and in this economy you can't afford not to watch this video:

It's a 5-minute video about a brand new application that is just exploding in popularity. But the best part is you'll get paid for just spreading the word, like I'm doing now.

The program is called Chat To Text and it is simply ingenious. It leverages the popularity of texting on cell phones.

But get this, thanks to Chat To Text, now people can send text messages direct from the Internet, or popular social networking sites like Facebook, My Space, and Bebo, to a cell phone and the cell phone user can reply to the messages and it's displayed right on the computer screen.

Even if you don't use text messaging on cell phones yourself, now there is a way to cash in on text message popularity, just like the big guys!

It's all explained in the video:

Chat To Text already paid for itself and is starting to show serious potential as a second income for me! My commissions are growing every minute and you can get in on it too!

But don't wait, you need to watch the video and get your family and friends involved before someone else does!

Let me know what you think - this is so exciting!

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