February 4, 2009

Help with Fundraising

I know a lot of you are going through some difficult times with going out to talk to schools/groups about fund raising. I found an excellent way to get your information out to the intended targets without stepping outside your door.Whether it's the weather keeping you indoors or you are too scared, shy, or uncomfortable to make that first face to face contact, you can call first.

I have been calling the schools in my area and getting the contact info for the person in charge of fund-raising. Once you get that info, email off a short letter and attach a couple of the fund raiser info sheets from the Fund Raiser Guide.

I've gotten 3 people that are lining up fund raisers for their schools...two of which are in the same school but different groups. One of them happens to be a fund raiser organizer for another school's soccer team. When you talk to them, make sure the excitement in your voice is loud and clear. It will rub off on them and will love to have a fund raiser with our wonderful Mia Bella products.

Also, make sure you not only offer the jar candles. I would do the candles and the Bella Buns or the simmer pots and the melts...this way the customers have a higher price item and a lower price item to choose from. Price points and choices are very important during this economy and can make the difference between a great fund raiser and a mediocre attempt at a fund raiser.

Remember, ladies, we are in this to make money...not for charity. If you want more info...shoot me an email and I'll give you the little intro talk I give them over the phone. I have many things keeping me busy and can't always get out to talk to the school's staff in person so this is the next best thing.

Especially for you guys up there where the "north winds blow" and it's too darn cold to go anywhere. Of course, once they decide to do the fund raiser with your products, you go in person and give them the fund raiser packets (and samples) as needed.

Diane Rico~~Independent Distributor

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