January 13, 2009

Here are some things about MY Business!!

By Now, you've probably read through a lot of information and having a pretty solid feel for our Gourmet Candle Business with Scent-Sations and what it can mean to you in dollars and cents over time.

Here are some things you may find appealing about this business-----

**Low cost of entry---our Mia Bella Gourmet Candle business costs under
$50 a month to start and maintain.

** Simple-- our "Smell and Sell" business is one of the simpliest around. It's truly a back to basics business.

** Unique in demand, consumable products with a high re-order rate.

Hmmm, tells us something doesn't it??

**FUN-- the candle business IS fun. Amazingly so.

Who doesn't love having a great smelling home and making money?

** Profitable-- The ways to market our business and the candles are very flexible. There are sure to be many ways that will fit your style and personality.

There are several avenues we have for Retailing, Fundraising and creating a solid Residual Income....the possibilities are endless!!

No Quotas or Mininums - Work as you WANT.

If you are ready to get started right now for $39.95 plus shipping and tax (under $50), you will receive some of our most popular products: 16 oz Jar Candle, 12 votives and a soap bar, your own company website, with online Retail StoreFront.

http://dwinters66.scent-team.com/ Click on.......JOIN NOW!!

I welcome YOU to join MY Team..

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