January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to Everyone Across The Globe..

I am excited to get started with the new year and all the updates and new products we will introduce this year. I wish I could spill the beans right now but you will all have to wait untill March in Las Vegas and then here at the Summer Fling. I know you're going to be excited and will remember 2009 as the start of something very special here...

We are also excited to announce the winners of the December 2008 bonus pool!
First Place: Lori Clark - $4000
Second Place: Traci Lark - $1500
Third Place: Kristine Carpenter* - $1000
Fourth Place: Karri Vial Pando - $500

*Special Note: Kristine Carpenter has been the ONLY distributor to win a spot in every bonus pool since it's introduction! Way to go, Kristine!

Below will be all the info on this week's calls along with other great new updates. Now is the time to put into action your new goals for 2009 and beyond. We here at the home office along with your upline want to help you build your business. We have already started taking massive action and are ready to make many more dreams come true in 2009.I look forward to seeing many of you in Las Vegas in March! Let's start by playing the game of "who do you know anywhere within 5 hours of Las Vegas" and let's get them on the phone and see if they are open in 2009 to look at a home business that could possibility change their lives.

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