December 11, 2008

What Makes Gourmet Candles Unique??

You might be wondering what is so unique about our Candles?

Well, a lot actually!!

Have you ever burned a candle that smelled great in the jar and then the smell fizzled out not long after you started burning it?

Or have you ever burned a candle that created a black sooty mess around the jar edges and even on the walls and furniture?

Or, how about that candle that burns lopsided, leaving half the wax up the sides as it burns straight down the middle? Didn't that waste frustrate you when you wound up scraping the wax or throwing out a lot of unburned candle?

Well, YOU won't experience ANY of that with Our Candles... That is why I LOVE THEM!!

They are.....
~~~Triple Scented, which means the same great smell that first time you light it down to the last bit of wax in your jar.
~~~Made from a natural blend, a proprietary blend of plant/vegetable wax. Safer for your loved ones and pets. With our Candles there is NO paraffin and no black sotty mess! You will experience a clean, even burn top to bottom...they are Awesome!! Candle Lovers are amazed and hooked when they try our Great Candles..
~~Lead Free Double Wicked

Doesn't all that sound good to you?? What do you think the reaction would be with the Candle Lovers you know!

Have a Scent-Sational Day


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