November 18, 2008

"I refuse to take part in the recession!"

How powerful that statement is - we DO have a choice! We can sit idle and let this sour economy attack our spirits, or we can DO something about it!
People are getting laid off, prices of gas are fluctuating, food prices are going up. We can choose to complain about it OR we can choose to ROCK the BELLA and make a stand!

We, in this network marketing/direct sales industry have the power to make it happen. This industry IS recession proof, the business only stops if we stop DO-ing!

Those who get to the top do so be reaching high, climbing high, dreaming big and most important BELIEVEING in themselves!

We can SELL
We can BUILD

One of my favorite quotes is from Yoda the little green wise man on Star Wars, he say "Do or Do Not, there is no Try"

Simple as that, you cannot 'TRY' this business. You have to choose do DO this business or you have to choose NOT to do this business.

Rememering we all have the same TOOLS in this company for success we must realize the only thing stopping YOU from success in the YOU within.

If you build it (your business) they will come! Keeping in mind that Rome was not built in a day, patience is key and most important the belief that you WILL succeed!

Now say it with me!

~Alethea Anderson

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~Alethea Anderson