November 2, 2008

Another Great Testimonial below...

Hi Bob,
I wanted to let you know that I sold 12 of the 16 oz jars to a business who bought them for their employees to use for birthdays, special occasions, etc. They paid me $22.00 each plus tax which is 7% in our state for total of $23.54 each, a combined total of $282.48.

These were the easiest sales I've ever made! I wish I had known about Mia Bella 5 1/2 years ago because I never would have gone into my current direct selling Company where I am rated as one of the top producers.

With the 25 candles I sold a few days ago and these 12 I've sold a total of (37) 16oz candles, and I'm just getting started. The first 25 I sold for $20.00 each plus tax.

I felt Mia's prices are under valued so I have upped the prices and created a new list using postcards which I include with my brochures and at least two samples in each brochure.

I had 6 candles from the Fast Start kit and placed an order the other day for 36 more which gave me a total of 42 of which I now have sold 37. How cool is that!

Of the 16 Cinnamon Bella Bun Candles that came with my Fast Start kit I sold 8 of them today to individuals for $10.35 each plus tax. That was another $88.56 (with tax) for those.

Not too shabby selling $371.04 in a single day while running around getting the insurance adjuster here to check out a problem with a water leak in our house. In one day I almost got all the money back from my Fast Start Kit! This was by FAR the easiest sales I've ever made in direct sales and without putting much effort into it!

Two other folks came here to do the clean up job with water and our rugs and they each left here with a brochure, samples and my business card. One fellow made a comment that it looked like I was having fun and that it smelled good. (I was making samples at the time). One gal said her daughter is nuts about candles. They loved the Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper one. I encouraged them to go to my website and check it out and to be sure to fill out the form to try and win the free 16 oz candle and Bella Bar. We shall see if they follow through or not...I suggested they share their brochure with co-workers, family and friends...

Thanks for listening!

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