November 3, 2008

2 Biggies, What about you..

Here is something I thought was interested I wanted to share with you:
From another Mia Bella Distributor from

Hi Mia Bella Lovers!

Besides loving the company and team support, having fun, loving the large variety of MB products,

2 really big reasons that I've enjoyed this business for over 4 years, even more everyday are:

We have No Quotas to be paid Our Income!

No matter what level we achieve in Mia Bella, the only thing that we do is receive our Candle of the Month, full of products and our sites.

If we are earning $1,000.00, $10,000.00, $30,000.00 or more per month, that's all we have to invest in, $39.95.

Pretty amazing!

From Mia Bella Distributor:
The candles themselves and the owners are what drew me. What really keeps me here, and my two "biggies", are exactly what Lori mentioned: no quotas & less than $50.00 per month to earn at all levels! To me, I'm proud I have a great product to offer, and that's BIG! But the business side of me was looking for the right comp plan and duplicatability, and the two things mentioned, for me, are HUGE! Puts everyone on an even plane when it comes to earning great money (levels the playing field)!

And if someone (like my husband) looks at you funny and says "but candles???", look 'em dead in the eye and say, "yes, it's 'just' candles, and they're wonderful, BUT, the opportunity and ease of this business is huge!" He backed off in a hurry....LOL!


We don't have to do parties.

See people are making lots of money with Candles!!

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