October 6, 2008

Why Consider A Business with Scent-Sations~~~

This is a question that comes up frequently when I am speaking with someone who is looking at several different companies.

Why should I consider your company?

Here are a couple of reasons -

1. No sign up fee. It costs nothing extra to become a distributor.

2. No party plan REQUIRED. It is available and quite viable, but no one is required to host parties in order to be a distributor.

3. No requirement to "earn" your kit. Again, many companies require you to earn your starter kit through parties. What if you have a very solid game plan in mind that doesn't include parties? Many companies just won't let you join.

4. Low monthly autoship/quota. $39.95 keeps you as a wholesale buyer, period. Want to take the summer off with your kids? Great, just keep your autoship and start back up in the fall. (And speaking of fall, it IS fall and no better time to get started and pay cash for the holidays!

5. Solid management team with decades of experience in our industry! This is invaluable. How many people can call the CEO and VP of Marketing to assist with answering questions for a prospect?

6. Unique product in the Network Marketing industry. How many juice companies; travel deals; nutritional products; and so on are out there? THOUSANDS.

How many solid network marketing CANDLE businesses are there? ONE - Scent-Sations!

7. Solid training and support. We'll teach you how to make money from day one, AND how to develop long term residual income along the way. Remember how I mentioned taking summers off with your kids? What if you could do that and still earn a six figure income? You can; I DO; and we can show you how!

8. Fun and flexibility! YOU own your business and YOU can build it how you want! There is no better time than NOW to get your business started!

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