October 13, 2008

Using your Time to make $$$

You are already on MySpace and Facebook.

Why not use your SKILL at surfing the internet and social networking to Make Money??

"HOW?" you ask....Great Question!!

1. Sign up for Candle of the Month and with that you will get your own
website with a shopping cart where you can send people to buy awesome
candles and spa products.

2. The Company does all the money transations on a secure shopping cart,
packages the products and ships to your customers. You just get a check
each month with the profit... Cha-Ching!!

3. You will receive a jar candle, 12 votives and a soy bar each month to use for yourself, gifts or mark up and resell to make even more money.

4. So while you are on Facebook or Myspace, you can share your link to your awesome website that will look just like this Diane's Candle Site only with YOUR name and info and start making money while you are messing around.

5. Don't be the one who always wonders how peope are making money online...
Be one of those people and let me help you!!

Sign up now!

Diane's Candle Site Sign Up

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