October 8, 2008

Testimonial by a Mia Bella Distributor

Here is a testimonial from a Mia Bella Distributor in Maryland. She sent this to
Robert Scocozzo. Here is it:

A great testimonial - just another person validating what we do!


I just want to say you are awesome. Just real quick info on me. I came up last year to check out the company and pick up my order. I had my mom and my two boys with me. You took us into your office and then gave us a tour. I have worked for so many "other" companies before - but NEVER have I been happy like I am now.

I am a single mom who doesn't get ANY support and am trying to help my 19 yr old daughter go to college. My mom has cancer, so these candles are my world. I had a bad day yesterday and put the boys to bed and stayed up until 3:00am working the Internet with Mia Bella.

I am sure that you hear this all the time, but it's people like you, your family and your company that help people like me who don't have anything. I have so many dreams now and happiness - when I start to cry I just go into my office with my candles. I will be taking another trip up this month for an order I am placing and I want to show the man that I am dating the company. I am just so proud of it and want him to see the possibilies of this business. His business is failing bad and maybe it will give him some insight that REAL MEN can work this business, but if nothing else he will understand my burning desire to be successful at this.

Thank you for taking the time to email me.


Kimberly in Maryland

I was in awe when I read this.. I really NEED to work at this... ~~Diane

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