October 16, 2008

Message from Jackie Ulmer...

Hmmmm What I love? Let me count the ways, ha

M -- My Business, meaning I can work it the way I WANT TO!

I -- Income, the income opportunity is tremendous!

A -- Amazing Products people really want and re-order

B -- Bobby and Charlie - our strongest asset

E -- Enthusiasm and fun. I have NEVER worked with such a
fun business and it shows up in success!

L -- Leverage, I can sell 1,000 candles or recruit 20 people to sell 50;
or 50 to sell 20 and build a team from there, with tens of thousands
of candles being sold each month.

L -- Light - light the way with our candles and our opportunity and
positively influence the lives of thousands.

A -- Action, just take action every day and watch your dreams come true.

Expect Success!!
Jackie Ulmer

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