October 22, 2008

How much money did YOUTUBE or MYSPACE pay you last month?

ZenZuu is a next generation social networking platform that lets you create a profile similar to other ancient social networks, except our leading edge technology allows you to make money by signing up your friends and receive revenue sharing. Seize your opportunity to cash in on the trillion dollar internet economy of social networking and global commerce with ZenZuu.

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Zenzuu will profit share 80% of it's ad revenue . Sign up at least 2 people and watch your commissions grow. Zenzuu will hand out debit cards and the 15th of every month beginning October 15, 2008 will load money into your debit card. The more people you have in your downline the more money you make. It's FREE and always will be FREE.You will never ever be asked for any money.


Get informed about ZenZuu and how fast ZenZuu is growing! Bring all your friends and families to the call!.

ZENZUU GLOBAL INFORMATION CALL MARATHON! Every day: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. (No call on Sun) Calls Start @ 10am Pacific, 12 PM Pacific, 2 PM Pacific, 4 PM Pacific, 6 PM Pacific, 8 PM Pacific. DIAL: 646-519-5860 THEN PIN NUMBER 3214# TO LISTEN. Once you are in the conference, we would appreciate you dial *6 to mute your phone. To UnMute, dial *6 , Then you can ask a question. Be on time, each call will last 30 minutes. See you on the calls!

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