October 15, 2008

Facing The Monster..

Interesting Subject Line: What do I mean by asking everyone to
"Face the Monster?"

One of the first things you need to do in order to develop your
business is to show Mia Bella Products to others. This was,
and still is, a very difficult thing to do for me. I know it's not
easy. However, if you don't do this your business will fail.
There is no choice, it must be done!

Avoiding the process.
Signing up for shows and using the internet just aren't as
effective as walking and talking the business. Why? Because
talking one on one builds your confidence! It also forces you
to learn all about the products and marketing plan. With
practice your delivery get more comfortable and your
confidence grows. Nothing develops a successful business
like practice.

The Next Step:
1. Read the front of the company website.
2. Read the back office training files.
3. Take 5 votives with you and don't come home until given
them to 5 propects.

Make it a goal to give votives to 60 prospects a month.
5 x $12 + $10 S&H = $70 a month. If you use the votive
gift box your monthly prospecting cost will be $85. From
those prospects you will most likely sell some candles.
You will also get a couple that will take a serious look at the
business. With this one process you will no longer be stagnant
in your growth.

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