October 20, 2008

The Difference between....

I found this on www.wahm.com and I thought I would share this with you.

Question from a Non Mia Bella Customer:
Let's assume that I purchase from Yankee, where the price points are pretty
similiar to Mia Bella. Then say I also purchase from Wal-Mart. Their candles
are a lot cheaper and they really smell OK. Why should I choose Mia Bella over
the rest? Remember that I will have to order Mia Bella and pay shipping charges. The other stores I can pick up candles when I am out and about.
Why should I purchase from you?

Answers are:
From One Distributor: Our (Mia Bella) candles smell more than OK. They are the most natural and authentic smelling candle I have ever come across. They are virtually soot free while the others aren't. They (Mia Bella Gourmet Scented Candles) burn clean down the sides instead of tunneling down the middle. I am a strong believer in you get what you pay for and our candles (Mia Bella) are worth every penny.

Another Distributor: The last time I looked at Yankee...which was last week, a
14 oz jar candle that says on the bottom will burn 60-80 hours was **$21.99**
that my friends is not a bargain! And it is putting toxins in to the air...

Another Distributor: I agree with all of the above, I was a Yankee user and hated the black I got all over the jar, not to mention on the ceiling, the walls, etc. I also tried cheaper brands from Wal-mart and Micheal's and I definately agree, you get what you pay for. They (other brands of candles) would only smell for the first inch or 2 and they would burn down so fast, it was such a waste of money. Not to mention the tunneling of the wax...Yuck!

Do you burn Yankee Brand or Wal-mart Brand Candles? Yes they are cheaper,
but are they really worth it? Check out a Mia Bella Candle and you will not
go back to the other brands..

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